Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida,

Nevada, & Arizona.




$500,000,000 +

Houston, TX

Driven by its diverse economy and strong job market. Home to the world's largest medical complex and leading energy firms, Houston is attracting corporate expansions that fuel job growth and demand for housing. This combination of economic vitality and market demand presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking growth and profitability.

Job Growth YOY: 3.2%

Rental Growth YOY: 7.8%

Atlanta, GA

a dynamic investment hotspot, buoyed by its thriving economy and expanding job sector. Recognized as a major hub for fintech, logistics, and entertainment, Atlanta's economic landscape is diversifying, attracting innovative businesses and skilled talent. The city's commitment to infrastructure and community development has spurred significant population growth, driving demand for residential and commercial real estate.

Job Growth YOY: 2.9%

Rental Growth YOY: 5.5%

Reno, NV

With its favorable tax environment and growing economy, Reno offers investors unique opportunities for capital growth and long-term profitability. Reno, Nevada, is rapidly emerging as a lucrative investment destination, marked by its booming technology sector and strategic location near Silicon Valley. Known as the 'Biggest Little City in the World,' Reno is undergoing a transformation, driven by significant investments in technology, manufacturing, and logistics, including major expansions by companies like Tesla and Google.

Job Growth YOY: 3.5%

Rental Growth YOY: 8.3%

Phoenix, AZ

The city's strategic initiatives in urban development and sustainability are enhancing its livability and appeal, fostering a strong demand for both residential and commercial real estate. Phoenix, Arizona, stands as a beacon of opportunity in the real estate investment landscape, propelled by its rapid population growth and vibrant economy. As a pivotal center for technology, healthcare, and manufacturing, Phoenix is attracting a diverse array of businesses and professionals.

Job Growth YOY: 3.3%

Rental Growth YOY: 6.7%

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